About Designer Label Boutique & Cafè

Designer Couture meets Designer Cuisine

Are you a foodie with a flair for fashion or a fashionista with a fancy for fine food? You are in for an unforgettable treat!

DL Boutique & Café was designed to be your new favourite meeting spot!  Originality, freshness and finesse are the order of the day. Situated in the prestigious Pearls Mall in Umhlanga, DL Boutique & Café gets it right on all counts: convenience, elegance, exclusivity and quality.

We have regular surprises lined up, and aim to dazzle you with the latest collections from the budding and blossoming stars of the fashion industry, whilst treating your taste buds to exceptional culinary classics and modern cuisine. What’s more, you never know who may be dining at the next table. This is where the who’s who of the fashion and food world converge, either as patrons or to delight you with their creations, as they weave their way among the tables wearing designer couture or freshly-pressed aprons.

High-profile events are a regular on the menu, so if you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), please visit our events page regularly.

The Chef’s Table changes daily, so you can always look forward to experiencing something new. We also offer an A la Carte menu, including a Health Bar selection, comprising smoothies and snacks for the calorie conscious. Our chefs have nipped and tucked those extra fats and carbs to provide you with less calorie-dense options, without sacrificing any of the flavour. So whether you are prioritising your hemline or your waistline, the bottom line is that you will not leave disappointed.

If you are a tea lover, you don’t need a stiff upper lip or a gazillion voyager miles (to whisk your significant other off to London or Ceylon), to enjoy the perfect cuppa! Our extensive international selection includes some of Harrods’s finest. And there’s no need for us to read the tealeaves to predict that you are going to love our High Teas to the moon and back. Pick a package that fits your fancy, but be warned: it may be best if you don’t mention any of this to your gym instructor, unless you aim to invite him along to enjoy a “cheat day”. You can look forward to treats including scones with lashings of clotted cream and an absolutely delicious wild berry compote, profiteroles filled with Crème pâtissière, oh-so more-ish macaroons and melancholic madeleines, bursting with tangy citrus cream. And what High Tea would be complete without the presence of dignified and dainty chilled cucumber sandwiches? Fillings promise a marriage of flavours, including cured meats & tomato jam or dill infused cream cheese; never before have two slices of bread joined together in such a happy matrimony.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, prepare to be impressed. We’ve travelled far and wide to bring you the world’s most premium coffee: from the best local plantations in Mpumalanga to those in Columbia; even the forests of Indonesia have not withheld their finest – the sought-after Luwak Coffee. Freshly roasted and ground to order, we serve our Luwak in the traditional way, in a plunger. Whatever your preference – be it a frothy cappuccino or a robust espresso, you can count on our baristas to brew a cup that will have you coming back for more. Our Kopi Lewak Coffee experience serves as an alternative to High Tea, with accompaniments including coffee-infused cupcakes with chocolate ganache, millionaires’ shortbread biscuits and coffee encrusted Carpaccio.

DL Boutique & Café is the perfect meeting place. Apart from Ladies’ High Tea and Gentlemen’s Coffee experiences, we offer tailored packages to suit your specific needs, be it for a meeting or seminar, product launch, staff party, intimate family gathering, engagement celebration or baby shower.

The Boutique enables local designers to showcase their creations in an innovative way, both in store and online. Fashion lovers can look forward to shopping for designer labels without requiring sugar water after seeing the price tag! The friendly and fashionable ambience makes DL Boutique & Café the perfect venue for fashion and food events.

Durban-born entrepreneurs, Riaan Fortune and Nolan Rossouw, invite you to come and forage and browse to your heart’s content, whilst sharing in their dream to fuse fabulous fashion and fine food.