Sandwiches/ Wraps

Did you get that familiar waft as you walked into the café? Oh yes, unlike the rest, we bake our own bread daily. Join us and watch our chefs work that dough.

All sandwiches are served open- faced with hand-cut french fries and house-brand aoili also served on our signature designer boards. It’s about the experience. Feeling adventurous? Customise your own with a selection of our venison!!!

Croque- Monsieur

A trio of cheeses married with pan roasted cherry tomatoes and melted in our oven.


Life is no good without bacon! Bite into grilled bacon served with crisp garden fresh lettuce and slices of aurora tomato.


Try our succulently roasted, masala spiced and tender chicken fillets with creamy aoili and crispy crunchy lettuce.

Catch of the day

Think tacos with our spin on fresh line fish dipped in crispy batter with crispy green lettuce and creamy spicy mayo that will leave your taste buds flipping.

Garden Fresh

Enjoy a medley of pan roasted mushrooms and caramelised onions served in a crisp lettuce cups.

Wild Side

Enjoy our locally sourced, roasted venison basted with our signature

Chimi-Churri sauce, served on a slice of our freshly baked buttery bread.

Full Hog

Slow-roasted, hand pulled pork served with our Cubanos inspired sauce and a citrus and olive oil infused coleslaw.

Little Italy

Slivers of char-grilled bell peppers served with crumbled goat’s cheese & pan roasted aurora tomatoes.