Social Boards

Whether it’s your first date, a business meeting or just a casual chat with friends we’ve created this especially for you. Our sharing boards will get you talking. All sharing boards are served on a hand-crafted, custom made wooden boards, another talking point!

DIY British Rostini 

An arrangement of oven roasted beef on a chopping board with Stilton, rocket and crème fraîche. Toasted artisinal bread served warm with dollops of crème frâiche.

Cheese & Onion Tear & Share

A medley of cheeses with caramelised onions baked in our ovens under the watchful eye of our dedicated chefs. Tuck in to enjoy the full experience.

Spiced Pork Crackling Straws

If you love crackling, you’ll love these salted and spiced crispy strips of pork skin. Choose between infused sea salt or dustings of powdered sugar for those with a sweet tooth. Feel free to go half and half.

Meza Platter

Take a journey with our cured meats & venison, good old South African droëwors with a selection of olives, cheese, crudités, hummus and tsatiki.